In accordance with the rules lay down by Ministry of Labour & Manpower. Govt. of peoples Republic of Bangladesh. The following documents are required from Foreign Employers to enable us to process the matter of selection of Bangladesh Nationals.

1.       Copy of original visa Advice.

2.       A “DEMAND LETTER” IN English or both in English & Arabic (shown in ANNEXURE ‘A’)

3.       A “POWER OF ATTORNY” in English appointing us as their representative in Bangladesh (shown in ANNESURE “B”)

4.       A “consular letter” (in Arabic/English) is to be addressed to the consular of employer’s country posted in Bangladesh requesting them to assist the recruiting agent so that we may proceed with the matter to process rapidly and dispatch the workers within short period. (shown in ANNESURE ‘C’)

5.       Agreement between employer & employee (shown in ANNESURE ‘D’)

6.       Agreement between employers & Recruiting Agent P.N. ENTERPRISE CO. DHAKA LTD.

7.       In the event Female workers and additional “LETTER OF DECLARATIN” From Employers (shown in ANNESURE ‘F’)


Note: Annexure A.B. & must be attested by the chamber of commerce. Ministry of foreign Affairs. Of the Employer’s country & also by the Bangladesh embassy in employers country.


Annexure C.D & E must be attested by the chamber of commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Employer’s country.